2014 m. spalis 29 d., trečiadienis

Last year of school

Hello lovelies!
While browsing my drafts I saw that I've never showed this one outfit, which I wore on the first day of the school. I still feel weird because it's the last year in gymnasium.
What I wore: New Yorker blazer, Lindex dress, Dresslily clutch, Romwomen earrings, Just for 5 pounds heels

Being in the last year of school is kind of interesting and exciting - what will happen next? How it will went? However, I have a feeling that I don't want to leave school soon, because in some ways school is such a great place with my besties and great memories. It really mixed up. So I really try to enjoy my last year, even though I have thoughts that I can't wait until it will end and I'll start my new chapter of life.:)

2014 m. spalis 11 d., šeštadienis

Garnier Fructis "Vita Boost Hydra" conditionier review

I'm not the best blogger, because of my lack of posts , but I consider that it's best to write when the mood is right for that. Don't you agree?:)
In autumn I feel kind of nostalgic and confused - do I like autumn or not? Sometimes I love when it rains, I love to see colours of autumn and yet sometimes it makes me feel so sad... Really really sad about everything what happens in my life. These feelings mix together and I don't know how I really feel anymore. Such a strange feeling.

Well, to get back to my post, I have finished this Garnier Fructis "Vita Boost Hydra" conditionier and decided to make a short review for you.
As you may know, I love Garnier because of it's products smell - and this conditionier is no exception. It smells divine - such a sweet scent...mmm...
This one is for normal to dry hair. In my opinion, this conditionier is not really good. One of it's pluses are that is smell amazing. Moreover this conditionier is cheap. But that's all. Sadly, just slightly softens hair. Conditionier's consistency is liquid, so it will be finished quite fast.(if you have long hair, you'll need another conditionier really soon.)

Well, I would give to this one 7/10. I won't buy it again, because I know I could find something better in future.
Have you tried it? If yes, yay or nay for this product? ^^

2014 m. spalis 6 d., pirmadienis

Get ready for Halloween with Tidebuy!

Halloween is such a great celebration, because, you can turn up your imagination and dress up like you want! You can wear scary or sexy costumes, it's all up to you! This time I found  Tidebuy 2014 sweet lolita dresses online  and I fell in love with them! How cute they're! Every dress is from Tidebuy, There are also another costumes for Halloween(you can find it here), so don't miss it, some from them are on sale. :)
I really can't wait until Halloween comes! The costumes, getting ready for party - it's so amazing. 
Elegant Pink Polyester Sweet Lolita Skirt Black Polyester Punk Lolita Skirt
It's so hard to find favorite, but I think it's first one ^^

Pink Cotton Sweetheart Long Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress Sky Blue Crewneck Short Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress
Black Polyester Portrait Short Sleeve Classic Lolita Dress White Sweetheart Short Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress
Aren't those adorable? It's really great idea to dress up like Lolita for Halloween! What you think?
If you liked these dress - go to Tidebuy.com to find more ^^

2014 m. rugsėjis 21 d., sekmadienis

All time cat lover

When I see something with a kitten I have just one thing in my mind - I MUST BUY IT. Just really - how can someone go past these goodies with a calm face? Just how?
Not my style. Even if I won't buy it, I must to touch it and cry in my heart until I get it.

And what can be better than adorable stationary with cats... How awesome is that??(little happy dance)
If you wonder where to get these cuties, it's quite sad, but the postcard and notebook  can be found only in Lithuania (notebook). But I also have a good news for you- pen is from Bornprettystore.com! Just click here and you can buy it! (You can have a 10% discount for your purchase if you use this code: JURT10)
By the way, it writes really nicely, but it's ink is black.:)

2014 m. rugsėjis 4 d., ketvirtadienis

Summer, I'll miss you!

It's autumn again! It's such cliche, but I have to say it - how fast time flies. Just really. In such great times, like Summer, it should go a little slower. But oh well.
You may all know, what this post is all about. Yup, you're right - some my sweetest memories about this Summer in photos. This Summer was fast, rainy and quite cold(of course, July has shown us what it's hot - I was like melting ice cream), but this Summer was great. I know it could be better, but we have to enjoy what life gives to us. So, Summer, until next year! I'll be waiting for you.
My first swap. :)

2014 m. rugpjūtis 26 d., antradienis

Homecoming dresses from Tidebuy.com

Hello lovelies!
First of all, I have to say what is homecoming. When I got contacted by Tidebuy.com to make a post about affordable homecoming dresses - I wondered what it is, because I had no idea,  so of course I googled it and that's what Wikipedia told to me: "Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school. It is a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools in the United States. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the city or town. Homecoming should not be confused with prom, as they occur at different times of the year. Homecoming usually occurs in the fall, and prom usually occurs in the spring." Okay, now we know what it's. Even tough, it isn't clelebrated in Lithuania, the dresses in Tidebuy are really nice, so it will be perfect for other occasions like prom.

It was really hard to decide what dresses I liked the most - they all look great. I will keep in mind this site, because this year I will be looking for a prom dress for myself  too!(oh my, the last year in school!). And I think Tidebuy has what it requires -  their dresses are perfect to make that special day more amazing.

Really romantic, delicate dresses. And there are a lot more like these!

What amazes me in these dresses, that it's really nicely decorated and it doesn't look cheap.
What is your favorites?

2014 m. rugpjūtis 20 d., trečiadienis

L'OREAL Micellar water review

Hello lovelies!
I have to admit, that it's my first time using micellar water. I have heard so many good things about it, so I thought that I should give a try. 
Even though, so many praises goes to Bioderma micellar water, I heard many good reviews about L'oreal too. Of cource, Lo'real is a lot more cheapier, so I tried it first. Maybe I'll get my hands on Bioderma someday. :D

What annoys me when I clean my make up is that most of make up removers are oily, so I was really happy when I've found out that not only this micellar water cleans make up, but it also does it really well. Moreover, it doesn't irritate my eyes! My skin feels refreshed after applying this product on my skin. Well, my skin still feels quite tight after using micellar water, so I must use a face cream. (On the other hand, I always use it, because I love when my skin is well nourished ). I like that it doesn't have any smell, and it cleans skin really well. In my opinion, this product has just one minus - it's package. Yeah, I have to admit that this package looks nice and chic, but it's really uncomfortable to use. 

It's hard to decide how to rate this product, because it's my first time using micellar water. It gave me a really great impression, so I will give for it highest rate for now - 10/10. I really feel difference in my skin - it loos better after using it. 
What's your opinion about this micellar water?