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Bornprettystore eyeliner review

Hello lovelies!
As you may know, trying new beauty products sometimes causes not only happiness but also a great disappoinment too. This one is that case. I was so dissapointed when I got this eyeliner from Bornprettystore.com. It was first time when I didn't like item which I've bought from them. 

Well, package is really cute - as I imagined it should be. And with great excitment I opended it and I was..shocked.

 From this point of view it looks - what can be bad? But I just switched sides and you can it by yourselves - what I got isn't even usable.

Of course, I tried to paint with it, because I hoped that I still can do something about it... It painted so hardly, and not because of it's damaged brush, but also that it seemed to be over it's expiry date. It was crumbly and stiff and smelled really weirdly. I just took a photos of it and thrown it right away.

It was sad to get something like this so dissapointing. Even though it's super cheap, I at least hoped to get ready to use item..But it happens. Next time I'll be more careful when buying from there. 

2014 m. lapkritis 14 d., penktadienis

For that special day

Hello lovelies!
I consider that many of you sometimes imagine that special day in your life - what dress you would wear, where and how it will went. Well, at least once. Even though I am too young for it, but sometimes  my mind crosses that thought too.
 I hope that some of my readers are getting married soon(if so - congratulations!) and look for dress or an inspiration for it, so this post about vintage wedding dresses could be in help while searching for the perfect one. Tidebuy offers so many incredible dresses, so you can see more in their website! 
Yup, girls can dream, right? ^^

Fashion A-line Bateau Chapel Train Lace Alicja's Wedding Dress / Gorgeous Empire Wedding Dress

I think all women want to feel special that day, so I think these delicate vintage style wedding dresses are the good option for that.

Sweetheart Sleeveless Tiered Taline's Wedding Dress / Floor-length Ruffles Chapel Renata's Wedding Dress

And of course - how without perfect comfortable wedding shoes? Let's take a look!

Elegant Patent Leather Platform Wedding Shoes /  Fashion Concise Peep-toe Platform Wedding Shoes

You can find more pretty shoes here, just click! ^^

Chic Nude Fashionably Elegant Stiletto Heel Peep Toe SandalsSexy Lace Upper Platform Stiletto Heels Prom Shoes

I love first pair of heels because of it's simplicity and minimalism.:)

Have a nice weekend

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Blogging inspires

These days are so many really good blogs to chose from - you can find blog that would match your ideas and world-view. And that also means, that reading good blogs, you unconsciously compare your life with other bloggers. Blogging community share more positive side of their life. And because of that, you have to choose - or you'll compare yourself with better bloggers or you will get inspired by them? I know, sometimes it's hard to look at these amazing other blogger's life moments, but you know, we see just one side of their life. We don't know all what happens in their life. Nobodies life is perfect. So it's better to not be jealous but to get inspired by these posts instead. I really get inspired and more positive, after reading blogs and watching some vlogs. It makes me want to do something in my life. I get so many new ideas from them so I'm really grateful for blogging community. I think it's really good to see more positive things in our life, including and positive posts!:)

So, I'll share my 5 bloggers, who inspires me to do something with my life. (What inspires me from them are really not same - one blogger inspires me with her outfits, other may inspire by her writtings or even inspire me by their photos of her kitten :D ). So, lets see what I like the most to read!

I'm reading this blog for quite a long time and I just love it. Sarah has a really lovely style and I enjoy reading all her reviews! 

I really love Maddie's style and I can say she's really friendly because I have interviewed her once!(You can find interview here.).

I really love her style and I can't wait until her next posts - you must check this amazing blog!

Aimerose is a blog, which is written by lithuanian girl and that is theis one of the main reasons why I really enjoy reading it. Rasa has amazing style sense, and the way she takes photos - it makes me breathless, because it looks so nice! Visit her blog to see it by yourselves. 

One of the amazing blogs, who keeps me inspired. I love the way she takes photos for her blog. And also she is so talented in painting - I would love to hang some of her paintings on my wall!^^

What's your favorites bloggers?

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Hello lovelies!
On holidays I was visiting my older brother, who lives in Kaunas. I must say that I kind of like this city - it's really nice! 
 Then the autumn was on it's nicest - sun was shining, colourful leafs were on the grounds. Really perfect time. 
And I've visited a great pizzeria "Pas Paolo" - I really liked cozy atmosphere there. Pizza was really good and I also got some little desserts for free - well, that's the best way to conquer my heart!

And for the end, my favorites songs, that I've listened all the holidays:

2014 m. spalis 29 d., trečiadienis

Last year of school

Hello lovelies!
While browsing my drafts I saw that I've never showed this one outfit, which I wore on the first day of the school. I still feel weird because it's the last year in gymnasium.
What I wore: New Yorker blazer, Lindex dress, Dresslily clutch, Romwomen earrings, Just for 5 pounds heels

Being in the last year of school is kind of interesting and exciting - what will happen next? How it will went? However, I have a feeling that I don't want to leave school soon, because in some ways school is such a great place with my besties and great memories. It really mixed up. So I really try to enjoy my last year, even though I have thoughts that I can't wait until it will end and I'll start my new chapter of life.:)

2014 m. spalis 11 d., šeštadienis

Garnier Fructis "Vita Boost Hydra" conditionier review

I'm not the best blogger, because of my lack of posts , but I consider that it's best to write when the mood is right for that. Don't you agree?:)
In autumn I feel kind of nostalgic and confused - do I like autumn or not? Sometimes I love when it rains, I love to see colours of autumn and yet sometimes it makes me feel so sad... Really really sad about everything what happens in my life. These feelings mix together and I don't know how I really feel anymore. Such a strange feeling.

Well, to get back to my post, I have finished this Garnier Fructis "Vita Boost Hydra" conditionier and decided to make a short review for you.
As you may know, I love Garnier because of it's products smell - and this conditionier is no exception. It smells divine - such a sweet scent...mmm...
This one is for normal to dry hair. In my opinion, this conditionier is not really good. One of it's pluses are that is smell amazing. Moreover this conditionier is cheap. But that's all. Sadly, just slightly softens hair. Conditionier's consistency is liquid, so it will be finished quite fast.(if you have long hair, you'll need another conditionier really soon.)

Well, I would give to this one 7/10. I won't buy it again, because I know I could find something better in future.
Have you tried it? If yes, yay or nay for this product? ^^

2014 m. spalis 6 d., pirmadienis

Get ready for Halloween with Tidebuy!

Halloween is such a great celebration, because, you can turn up your imagination and dress up like you want! You can wear scary or sexy costumes, it's all up to you! This time I found  Tidebuy 2014 sweet lolita dresses online  and I fell in love with them! How cute they're! Every dress is from Tidebuy, There are also another costumes for Halloween(you can find it here), so don't miss it, some from them are on sale. :)
I really can't wait until Halloween comes! The costumes, getting ready for party - it's so amazing. 
Elegant Pink Polyester Sweet Lolita Skirt Black Polyester Punk Lolita Skirt
It's so hard to find favorite, but I think it's first one ^^

Pink Cotton Sweetheart Long Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress Sky Blue Crewneck Short Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress
Black Polyester Portrait Short Sleeve Classic Lolita Dress White Sweetheart Short Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress
Aren't those adorable? It's really great idea to dress up like Lolita for Halloween! What you think?
If you liked these dress - go to Tidebuy.com to find more ^^