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Syoss Shine Boost Pro-Cellium Keratin shampoo review

Hello lovelies!
I'm that kind of person who really enjoys taking care of  my hair. I really do. And so that means that I look for the best products for my hair. This time I tried Syoss "Shine boost" shampoo. All those advertisments, who state that this shampoo will make your hair look like from salon, and everyone will be just like  "whoa! what do you do to have such a perfect hair?" made me curious. And not because I believe in those adverts, but because I really want to test it - is it really worth to buy it like adverts say? Or maybe it's just over-advertised product which is not even worth price for it.

What they say:
"The premium hair care range for normal, non-shiny and brittle hair. The professional formula of SYOSS SHINE BOOST provides radiant shine and smoothes your hair. Shampoo gently cleanses non shiny, brittle hair and provides long-lasting shine. "

My opinion:
Shampoo has a normal consistence  and it's amount is quite reasonable for the price. The smell is not annoying, I did like it. The shampoo washes hair quite gently, it feels refreshed. However, after using this shampoo I noticed that my hair gets matted really soon,  and it was not smooth anymore. And the fact is, that my hair used to be like that.  So, it's really big minus for this shampoo.

Would I buy it again? No.
Would I recommend it to my friend? Nope.
Conclusion: I would give 7/10, because after washing my hair, it feels refreshed. 

And for the end of this post - did you know that Leighton Meester is also a singer? I consider that you knew. But for me it was a big surprise. Oh my gosh, she is so talented! Her voice is so soft and nice.... Why  didn't I know it sooner?
Enjoy your weekend! :)

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Want a dream wedding? There is a choice!

How about being a mermaid for your wedding?
Every women wants a fairy-tale weddings - in fabulous place with her love of the life, surrounded by best friends in the world and wearing that perfect dress. Sounds like a dream, right?

Just like in picture above - everything looks so magnificent. Even though I prefer white dresses for wedding but why always to keep it the same? This dress is perfect if you want to be original, but romantic at the same time. Pretty pink lace dress...Really like in fairy-tale.

This dress is beyond my expectations - it's just perfect. I love how it gives an elegance feeling. With a touch of lace - such a classy design!

Want to be a princess for your wedding's day? Don't kow where to look for that perfect dress? Well, I have a suggestion for you! All these amazing dresses I've found on dressv.com , and I consider that you'll find more, just visit this site and look for more  mermaid dresses (http://www.dressv.com/mermaid-wedding-dresses-c103392/ )

These dresses are perfect choice is you want to feel special that day. It is you day! Make it unforgettable, magnificent day of your life!

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To the moon and back

 Hello lovelies!
How are you all? Hope you're not sick like me. I can't count how many tea cups I've drunk or how many naps I've taken - it really sucks. Stay well and be sure that you wear warm clothes. There are so many to choose from - cardigans, hats, scarves, knitwears and so on. Winter is quite good thing because you can style sweaters in so many ways and be warm and stylish at the same time!. 
So yeah, I'd bought this sweater, because there won't be too much sweaters  in closet. In fact, I consider  that I have too less sweaters, cardigans, so I need to invest more in warm clothes, because winter in Lithuania is soo cold and I need to stay warm! I bought this sweater in SH for only 2.6$! And it looks like a new one. That's why I love second hand stores so much..
Some other things that I've bought recently are Essence mascara and eyeliner. I think I'll make a review about them soon, because they're cheap and really great! ( For both I paid 5$. Bargain!).
Also I have bought two new nail polishes - one from bornprettystore.com, which gives a matte effect, and other is red one. Overall, Christmas is soon and I can't imagine it without red color on my nails!
And for the last thing, I bought a moon necklace from bornprettystore. I don't know how about you, but I'm quite obssesed with moon pattern. It has some mystery in it and it's exactly what I like.
Today's surprise - a postcard from Belgium with the queen cat! What can be better  when the day starts with finding a cute postcard  like this in  mailbox?^^
*post is not sponsored

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Getting ready for winter with Sheinside

Hello lovelies!
How was your week? My kind of busy, because it's autumn term end, so I have more and more tests and homeworks..Phew. Also, we had our first snow on Friday. Too early, but I liked it - such a nice view.
And of course, first snow reminds that winter will come soon so we need to make a preparations for it - to reorganise our closets! So I have a good news to you - Sheinside has a great sale for amazing pieces of clothes, so don't miss this chance!
Getting ready for winter
Winter is great time when you can create so many different cozy outfits! Especially you can play with cardigans - they're fun to style.:)

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Bornprettystore eyeliner review

Hello lovelies!
As you may know, trying new beauty products sometimes causes not only happiness but also a great disappoinment too. This one is that case. I was so dissapointed when I got this eyeliner from Bornprettystore.com. It was first time when I didn't like item which I've bought from them. 

Well, package is really cute - as I imagined it should be. And with great excitment I opended it and I was..shocked.

 From this point of view it looks - what can be bad? But I just switched sides and you can it by yourselves - what I got isn't even usable.

Of course, I tried to paint with it, because I hoped that I still can do something about it... It painted so hardly, and not because of it's damaged brush, but also that it seemed to be over it's expiry date. It was crumbly and stiff and smelled really weirdly. I just took a photos of it and thrown it right away.

It was sad to get something like this so dissapointing. Even though it's super cheap, I at least hoped to get ready to use item..But it happens. Next time I'll be more careful when buying from there. 

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For that special day

Hello lovelies!
I consider that many of you sometimes imagine that special day in your life - what dress you would wear, where and how it will went. Well, at least once. Even though I am too young for it, but sometimes  my mind crosses that thought too.
 I hope that some of my readers are getting married soon(if so - congratulations!) and look for dress or an inspiration for it, so this post about vintage wedding dresses could be in help while searching for the perfect one. Tidebuy offers so many incredible dresses, so you can see more in their website! 
Yup, girls can dream, right? ^^

Fashion A-line Bateau Chapel Train Lace Alicja's Wedding Dress / Gorgeous Empire Wedding Dress

I think all women want to feel special that day, so I think these delicate vintage style wedding dresses are the good option for that.

Sweetheart Sleeveless Tiered Taline's Wedding Dress / Floor-length Ruffles Chapel Renata's Wedding Dress

And of course - how without perfect comfortable wedding shoes? Let's take a look!

Elegant Patent Leather Platform Wedding Shoes /  Fashion Concise Peep-toe Platform Wedding Shoes

You can find more pretty shoes here, just click! ^^

Chic Nude Fashionably Elegant Stiletto Heel Peep Toe SandalsSexy Lace Upper Platform Stiletto Heels Prom Shoes

I love first pair of heels because of it's simplicity and minimalism.:)

Have a nice weekend

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Blogging inspires

These days are so many really good blogs to chose from - you can find blog that would match your ideas and world-view. And that also means, that reading good blogs, you unconsciously compare your life with other bloggers. Blogging community share more positive side of their life. And because of that, you have to choose - or you'll compare yourself with better bloggers or you will get inspired by them? I know, sometimes it's hard to look at these amazing other blogger's life moments, but you know, we see just one side of their life. We don't know all what happens in their life. Nobodies life is perfect. So it's better to not be jealous but to get inspired by these posts instead. I really get inspired and more positive, after reading blogs and watching some vlogs. It makes me want to do something in my life. I get so many new ideas from them so I'm really grateful for blogging community. I think it's really good to see more positive things in our life, including and positive posts!:)

So, I'll share my 5 bloggers, who inspires me to do something with my life. (What inspires me from them are really not same - one blogger inspires me with her outfits, other may inspire by her writtings or even inspire me by their photos of her kitten :D ). So, lets see what I like the most to read!

I'm reading this blog for quite a long time and I just love it. Sarah has a really lovely style and I enjoy reading all her reviews! 

I really love Maddie's style and I can say she's really friendly because I have interviewed her once!(You can find interview here.).

I really love her style and I can't wait until her next posts - you must check this amazing blog!

Aimerose is a blog, which is written by lithuanian girl and that is theis one of the main reasons why I really enjoy reading it. Rasa has amazing style sense, and the way she takes photos - it makes me breathless, because it looks so nice! Visit her blog to see it by yourselves. 

One of the amazing blogs, who keeps me inspired. I love the way she takes photos for her blog. And also she is so talented in painting - I would love to hang some of her paintings on my wall!^^

What's your favorites bloggers?