REVIEW - Oriflame "Pure skin" refreshing face toner and blackhead clearing mask

First of all - not a big lover of Oriflame cosmetics, rarely buying from here but decided to try few products from "Pure skin" series. Well, I like to test out new things, maybe I will find something I really love someday.

You can find mask here.

"Pure skin" blackhead clearing mask - the consistency of it is not too liquid, quite easily applied to face and after 5 minutes needs to be washed. What I really liked that it is quite refreshing - you feel the coolness of it ( so do not apply too near to eyes!). It is quite difficult to clean it from face, it takes some time to wash it completely, so it annoys me a little bit. The results after using - skin feels fresh and clean, but nothing special. I use it once a week and I suggest not to use it more often - one time in a week is perfect. Also, I felt a little itch when I used for first times, so if you have sensitive skin, I think that this mask wouldn't be suitable for you. Does it clean blackhead? Not much. Would I buy it again? No.
How much I would give for this mask? 6/10.

You can find face toner here.

Well, "Pure skin" refreshing face toner was more delightful experience - it does it's job really well! I like the smell - not too strong, but lovely to the nose. Skin absorbs it quickly, the feeling of freshness and lightness is guaranteed. It cleans skin well, so I guess I will buy this product in near future again. 8/10.

I have to add that my skin is mixed type - so I have a little bit oily side of it and also it's quite sensitive. 

Jurgita K.

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