Aliexpress haul - or "I can't get enough of kitten themed stuff"

Well, I have to admit. I got addicted to Aliexpress. What is in favour for my wallet - I do tend to buy small stuff like earrings, bracelets and so on - nothing too big or too fancy. But I got my eyes on more stuff, so I guess one day I will just give it a go. But for now I buy small stuff for my home or jewelry. It's really exciting to wait for package to arrive - it's like a gifts to me. (Especially, when I forget that I ordered something.)

I will start from earrings. I'm not a big fan of statement earrings, but these - are my favorites! They're light, looks lovely and their quality is really amazing. They look like they cost way more than their original price.(I bought them for 1.16 EUR)  And the shipping was quite good - I got them after 2 weeks.

Another pair of earrings  cost 0,32 EUR. 0,32!!! With shipping fee. That's amazing, right?
I really like them - they're casual and light. Also, yarn stays in it's place. I have nothing more to add, but I'm super happy about this find!

A few days ago I got this cute kitten pin. It came safely - the pin had the safety layer on it, so it won't scratch on the way. The width of it is about 5mm, the height - 4,5 cm, it's made from plastic. I fell in love with this pin and I have to admit that it's my first pin that I wear in a long time. So yeah, I ordered more of course!
(Do you know that you can made pins like this at home - check out this tutorial! Amazing!).

So, finally, my favorite purchase - these postcards with kittens!

Postcards came after 1 month, each safely wrapped in plastic bags. The paper of postcard is not thin, so they are perfect for postcrossing! And the price is really nice - 5 postcards for 1 EUR!
There is plenty of space where to write so that makes postcards even better purchase! One minus - you can't choose which card you want to be added to the purchase, they send you random postcards, but in my case - I really didn't care which I got because I love them all!

That's for now - in the future I'll review more my purchases from Aliexpress! Have you ever bought something from here? Share your experience in comments section below! 

Have a nice Sunday evening guys!

Jurgita K.

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