5 ways to make someone's day better

I always look for ideas to make someone's day better - maybe saying the compliment to stranger, little gift to friend or many more. I really love to spread the positive vibe and it's so good to see the vibe spreading on! I hope you do that too, so there's some random ideas that maybe will motivate you do them and keep positivity on!

  1. After reading a book, put cute bookmark in it so other person who takes the same book from library could find something really cute! Also, I really like to put motivational phrase in the note or my favorite quote from the book - it's up to you, but it's really lovely to find something when you're not expecting anything.
  2. Buy flower from the grandma who sells it on the street. It's sometimes so sad to see that rarely someone buys flowers from them and they sit in the street all day! 1 EUR won't make you poor and it will help lovely granny. Also, tell them that flowers they sell are so beautiful! That will make their day. What to do with the flower(s)? You decide. Maybe it will be a gift to your relative, your friend, a stranger or even yourself?
  3. Leave a tip for a seller. Seller does so much to you - looks for a blouse's size for you or color that you need. Even though it's their job, it's nice sometimes to get a tip to drink some delicious coffee. 
  4. Buy chocolate bar and put a lovely note with one piece of it to all you colleagues' tables. You can write something like "Have a nice day", "Don't forget to smile" or write something more personal - your choice! 
  5. We always notice beautiful and admirable things about others but we rarely say that. Maybe there's something great about one person that you never say, like, you've noticed how kindly, for example, Katie takes care of others - she always ask how everyone feels, always helps in trouble - just say that to her! Even if it's out of blue, it's still guarantee that Katie will smile all day and will do everything with more energy.
Well, there's a few ideas for now, maybe some of them you do already (way to go!) or you thought you could do, but never tried. Always remember - do things to others that could make you smile if others do that for you. (of course, don't forget that everyone is different and reacts differently - let's just be empathetic understanding).


Jurgita K.

Hope, you have enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think about it in comments section below!

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  1. the idea with the inspirational quote and the bookmark is great!


  2. This is such a great Post! I love it!

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