Teapot as a flowerpot - why not!

I'm huge fan of reusing things - it means that you give a chance for another life... That's exciting! So when I saw this cute little teapot left on the container, I knew for sure - I need to take it home, to wash it properly and to decide how I will reuse it. At first I thought that I will use it as a pencil holder but as soon as I came home I realised that I need flowerpot for my new plant - so that is why I decided to reuse this red teapot (it looks kind of vintage, right?) as a flowerpot.

I'm really happy with results. And as I look at it I think what story it holds - I always imagine that some really lovely granny had it and used for her relaxing afternoon tea.

Have you ever reused something? I'm really interested to know as I'm looking for new ideas - let me know your story in the comments section below!

Jurgita K.

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