Mary Kay. Satin hands - or I could say - mini spa

Oh man, what a rain! It's crazy out here in Lithuania! I must to say, that I love heavy rains with a lot of thunder but just when I'm safe in my bed. Well, now you can only guess when the heavy rain will attack, ha ha.
 So today I really wanted to share with you one of my best find of 2017(well, for now, I guess). I got this set for my birthday and I could not be more happy about it.

I have to admit, that maybe why this set is so amazing to me, because I'm used to have only one hand cream and do nothing special for my hands - so this set is like mini spa to me. Why mini spa? Because, first of all, you have to add fragrance-free hand softener on your palms. After you've done that, you add some scrub, rub it well and wash it afterwards - and now you can apply the hand cream!
What I really like about this set, that you need only tiny drop of product to get result - skin absorbs it softly so after usage of this set, hands are mild, not oily. More to add - skin feels soft for more than 2 hours, even if I wash dishes afterwards or do something with water.

I always feel sceptical when it comes to Mary Kay production, but this set - is a must have! Especially, if you need to take care more of your hands (or I meant to say - you need to take care of them!).
I assure, that doing this therapy for hands feels like not only a spa - it's like mini ritual you do for yourself, a lovely moment that brightens your day. Also, it's a perfect gift for your lovely friend!
Could not find the link for these product anymore, but here is a similar set for you!

Have a nice day!

Jurgita K.

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